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2022 Public Housing for All Proposal

HSFOB proposal-Thumb.png

Everybody in San Francisco should have an affordable, well-maintained home. The private housing market has failed to deliver the necessary homes. That's why we believe public housing is key to fixing the housing crisis, and must be treated as a critical part of our public infrastructure much like our public schools, libraries, and transit.


To make this vision a reality, SF voters approved Prop K in Nov 2020 with 73.5% of the vote, which gave the City the authority it needed to produce Public Housing for All. Voters also passed Prop I to raise almost $200 million
a year for social housing.


In February 2022, we released a proposal on how SF can use Prop I funds to make this program a reality. We recommended that the Housing Stability Fund (Prop I social housing) Oversight Board:

  1. Study the financial sustainability of municipal housing

  2. Study setting up a dedicated enterprise agency for municipal housing

  3. Begin to staff up the agency and develop a pilot project with an initial budget appropriation.

UPDATE [July 2022]: We're happy to note that both of our proposed studies will move forward! On study (2) in particular, an enterprise agency study will be conducted by the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO). Join our mailing list through our homepage to keep up with the latest news!

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