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San Francisco
Housing Act

Sustainable public housing for everyone.
With childcare, community spaces, and transit

Help us pass Public Housing for All in SF!

Thank you for joining our movement!

Public Housing
for Everyone!

How would this housing
actually work?

Help us pass a Green New Deal for Public Housing!


Here what we're building up to now that 2020 Prop K passed

In November 2020, our members helped pass Proposition I (transfer tax to fund social housing) and Proposition K (an authorization for municipal housing). With these two measures, we can begin a pilot program for municipal social housing: City-run public housing that is focused on the working class and integrates a broad range of incomes.

But our work didn't end in 2020. We have to implement a Prop K pilot program through advocacy at the Housing Stability Fund Oversight Board, and later expand beyond a pilot to meet San Francisco's needs.

For our latest work in support of Public Housing for All, check out our 2022 Proposal tab.


Here's a summary of the vision we are building up to:

1. Permanent funding to create and maintain at least 500 affordable, financially self-sustaining homes every year.

2. Green New Deal for Municipal Housing: Will remodel existing buildings with strict environmental standards, link to public transit, cut SF’s carbon footprint.

3. Anyone who lives or works in SF will qualify, with Certificates of Preference accepted and neighborhood preference for residents.

4. Rent is capped at 25% of income, apartment size depends on household size.

5. Publicly-owned, publicly-managed, union jobs, with tenants’ associations to hold the city accountable.

6. Includes nearby childcare facilities, frequent public transit, and spaces for community activities.

Just like Medicare For All, other nations developed the solutions
to the housing crisis and the environmental crisis decades ago —
It’s sustainable public housing linked to public transit.

SFCHA will bring Vienna-style public Housing to America.
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