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Housing Act

Affordable, sustainable housing for everyone.
With childcare, community spaces, and transit

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Public Housing
for Everyone!

How would this housing
initiative work?


1. Permanent funding to create and maintain at least 500 affordable homes every year.

2. Green New Deal for Social Housing: Will remodel existing buildings with strict environmental standards, link to public transit, cut SF’s carbon footprint.

3. Anyone who lives or works in SF will qualify, with neighborhood preference for residents.

4. Rent is capped at 25% of income, apartment size depends on household size.

5. Publicly-owned, publicly-managed, union jobs, with tenants’ associations to hold the city accountable.

6.Funded with a tax on multimillion-dollar corporations that earn over $25M/year.

7. Includes: Childcare centers, public restrooms, frequent public transit, spaces for community activities & meetings.

What Is This About?

Our Mission

Everyone in San Francisco should have an affordable, sustainable home. This measure will create a permanent funding source and set of rules to ensure a fair deal for anyone who lives or works in our city.

The Community Housing Act will require the City to create at least 1500 units of self-sustainable green municipal housing every three years, sprinkled evenly across the City and centered around public transit. Some will be purchases and green renovations of existing buildings so tenants can stay in SF and afford rent. Others will be new construction of environmentally sustainable affordable homes.

These homes will be permanently owned and maintained by City employees, and the City will be kept accountable by Community Councils composed of fellow tenants, elected by tenants. No private landlords will be able to raise the rent or evict anyone. Instead, this measure would protect working-class tenants: the City would be able to buy any SF housing and turn it into sustainable affordable housing, using funds from a tax on wealthy corporations.

Along with the housing, this measure will create childcare facilities, public restrooms, neighborhood meeting rooms, and increased Muni service — all to address the systemic problems in our city and make life better for everyone.

Anyone who lives or works in SF can qualify for vacant units, but those who already live in a neighborhood will get some preference (as with existing affordable housing). Your rent would be capped at 25% of household income, or $93/month, whichever is higher. Existing tenants will always get to stay in their unit if the City buys it up, and their rents will generally decrease. Everyone will benefit from the childcare centers, improved transit, public restrooms, and community building.​

Just like Medicare For All, other nations developed the solutions
to the housing crisis and the environmental crisis decades ago —
It’s sustainable social housing linked to public transit.

the SFCHA will bring Vienna-style Social Housing to America.
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